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How to help us raise Six Million Euro

After listening to a lot of artists and art lovers, we have decided to commit to opening a major new arts support and events centre in Cork city centre. The plan is to fundraise to buy a large space, and run it as a self-sustaining financially independent community arts centre.

It will function as a development centre for emerging artists of all disciplines, whom we will mentor, encourage and support to compose, create, display, perform, and sell their work.

The working name for the centre is The Arts Village. 

The Arts Village will cost a fortune to buy, most of which we plan to raise through philanthropist individuals and organisations. To give us credibility in their eyes, we aim to raise the first One Hundred Thousand Euro this year through a series of fundraising events, and individual donations.

100% of the money raised through donations will be used towards the cost of the new space. None of it will be spent on ongoing costs.

We appeal to you to contribute towards this exciting project. Your donation is important to us, no matter how small. Details of how to donate are here.

In addition to making your own personal donation, can you do any of the following?

1.       Agree to be an ambassador whom we can quote in support of the Arts Village by telling us a little about yourself, why you want to support us, and say who will most likely be influenced by your words.
2.       Introduce us to a donor who you think might support us.
3.       Give us something of value that we can auction.
4.       Organise your own fundraising event for us.
5.       Suggest new fundraising ideas to us.
6.       Be an influencer on your socials, speak in support of The Arts Village, and post a link to our website.
7.       Suggest a joint fundraising event between us and an organisation you are part of.
8.       Make a collection among your social circle, your work colleagues, your family.
9.       Forward this email to one or more people who you think would like to help.
10.   Offer your premises (if you have one) to host a fundraising event.

When the Arts Village opens, it will be there as a permanent statement of your belief in us.

Sincere thanks in advance. Remember when donating to say who you are, so that we can keep a permanent record of the people who supported us at this important time.

With warm regards, and with our thanks,

David McCarthy, Chairperson, on behalf of the Board of
Camden Quay Community Arts Centre
Trading as Camden Palace Hotel
c/o Shelflife Services
35 Princes St, Cork, Ireland
T12 XNX3

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