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Cathy Murray is a visual artist whose work is situation specific. At times it requires a myriad of media, platforms and methodologies, sometimes combined or individually employed. It is a praxis that experiments.  Generative processes run the gamut from reading presentations, poetry, playful prose, photography forms, moving image essays, soundscapes, fibre, paint, immersive installation, relational encounters, performative experience, to locative and transmedia platforms. It is preoccupied with mobility and the transient dynamism of process. It lives in time and ‘the during’.  It is informed by aspects of neuro-anthropology, concerned with life on the margins and the creation  of work that tests present norms while observing experience in an attempt to remap perceptions. It is a social practice.Cathy is also part of the  collaborative duo Soundtrap with artist Julie Griffiths. They generate transportable kinetic chameleonic sound works emphasizing their belief that people are of place. They are interested in plat – forming the lone voice and the indignant in the underbelly of society  by way of researching experimentation with relevant concepts thus developing group articulations.

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