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Most of our work has been on hold since the closure of our centre when the building was sold.

Rather than spend any more time searching for a property owner to allow us use their premises, we are taking matters into our own hands: we are raising €6 Million to buy our own premises, where Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre will once again deliver a similar range of programmes including forty artist studios.

Examples of projects are below.

unnamed - Copy.jpg

Déjà Vu, our weekly popular Art-House Cinema programme, drew on an eclectic audience of young artists and film makers, and older cinema goers who recognised the value of screenings of films that were not likely to be available in commercial theatres.

Photo by David Hegarty 029 - Copy.jpg

Spoken Word events are an important part of Irish culture and feature regularly in our programmes, such as this live poetry performance by acclaimed German poet Sue Blue.

Photo by David Hegarty

Court1 014 - Copy.jpg

Artists, performers, dancers, and others who rent space in Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre for practice and rehearsal also perform for the public, showcasing their talent, such a Suadela Bellydance pictured here.

Photo by David Hegarty.

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