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Regardless how many talented artists are willing to pass on their skills to willing learners, it cannot happen without suitable space available at an affordable price. This barrier stops many potential creative activities in the city centre, as groups and individuals struggle to find an affordable venue. On top of that, groups are asked to provide their own insurance cover before being allowed in to use a space. For well-established organisations that is not an issue, but it excludes individuals and new groups that are trying to establish themselves.

Recognising this unmet need, Camden Palace rents workshop space at low rates, and in some cases for a donation, so as not to discourage groups and individuals from starting something new in the city. As a further support, groups and individuals can bring their practice in under our insurance cover, subject to safety conditions imposed by our insurers. 

This may seem trivial but it is hugely important to newly-formed groups who may not yet have formal structures set up. The need for this support is demonstrated by the fact that from the first week that we advertised the availability of these workshop spaces, they have been in almost constant use.

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