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Camden Palace Hotel makes the arts more meaningful by making creativity accessible to all, and by providing opportunities for artists of every genre to create, to collaborate, and to integrate with the community. We do this by following a simple principle of making it easy for people to engage in creative activity, rather than remain spectators. We do not just showcase talent and invite people to come and enjoy performances and exhibitions. We give people a real chance to be the artists.

An example of this is the All Ages Gigs, a project that gives encouragement and support to emerging musical talents. By providing professional sound engineering, lighting, professional poster design and other promotion, and experienced management, we expose solo performers and groups in every age group to audiences in a real gig like the musician pictured. This not only boosts their confidence. It validates their ambitions.

All Ages Gig performer.

Photo by resident photographer Dragan Tomas.

Theatre 011.jpg
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