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Above: past project by resident group.

Our Mission 

Camden Palace provides a unique and valuable resource for the creative and cultural community of Cork for the purpose of nurturing and empowering emerging talent; and offering space, resources and technical assistance for experimentation and inclusion in the arts.

We aim to:

  • actively encourage creative interaction and participation for people who may not normally access arts and cultural opportunities through other venues in the city

  • promote social inclusion, freedom of expression and multicultural diversity

  • encourage artists to make the most of available opportunities to develop: creatively, personally and professionally

  • engage with our community to sustain the organisation by volunteering their skills, creativity and time to assist with all of the tasks necessary to keep the building and the enterprise running

  • foster a supportive and harmonious community of artists who can share technical, administrative and professional development expertise and resources with each other

  • welcome volunteers and suggestions for new creative initiatives and opportunities from and for the community. 

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