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Nord Emporium is a jewellery workshop run by me. My name is Piotr Bibliw, I was born in Poland in 1977. Many years ago I came across a cultural heritage in the form of myth and artistic traditions left for us from the Viking Age. My inspiration is the passion for the heritage of the North early Middle Ages. In my work I’m trying to show rich design and viking crafts. My products are mainly replicas of the vikings jewellery or made on the basis of historical patterns and inspired variations. Each pattern is designed and sculpted by me in modelinie or wax. Most of my products are sold to re-enactments groups from Vikings and Slavs Age all over the world. I deal with jewellery craft since I was working in a professional goldsmith’s workshop making wedding rings. It was in 2009 and from that time this has become my hobby. In 2014 as self-employed I opened my own jewellery studio. In June 2016 I moved to Ireland , where I’m currently working on a new projects and this is the place from I’m taking inspiration for my future work.

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