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The regulation of charitable organisations requires that we and every organisation demonstrate to the public and to potential donors that our work is sustainably directed, transparently managed, and ethically operated. We like to get it right out of principle. You can help us by telling us anything you would like to be explained more clearly.

Above and below: past projects by resident groups.


We maintain the Core Standards of the code as fits the scale and current stage of development of our organisation.

As our programmes redevelop and we put in place additional management and oversight functions, we will review all elements of the governance code as a standing agenda item, so that in each twelve month cycle we will have reviewed and evaluated all of our governance practices and policies.

For now:

  1. We are clear about the purpose of our charity and are able to explain it in simple terms to anyone who asks, as outlined in our mission, ethos and vision statements.

  2. We are clear that no private benefit arises whatsoever, and are diligently committed to ensuring that it never does through rigorous control and oversight of all assets of the charity.

  3. We have agreed an achievable plan for the next year that sets out what we will do to advance our purpose. 

  4. We have the resources we need to reach our goals. As our activities develop we will continue to recruit sufficient volunteer support through personal contacts as well as online appeals.

  5. We are completely transparent with easy public access to details of our company registration, CHY and Revenue numbers. We publish our financial statements on this website as well as details of our registered office and operating address.

  6. We welcome and value feedback from our stakeholders and members of the public, and endeavour to react quickly and positively.

  7. We cultivate and lead our volunteers responsibly.

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