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When our centre is up and running, we do not need any state or other outside funding to operate. We operate on a very lean budget, relying on rent from hiring space to artists and organisations, and receiving small private donations during events.

We keep our processes simple and minimal to reduce waste, re-cycling and up-cycling everything possible. We rely on our community to sustain the organisation by volunteering their skills, creativity and time to assist with all of the tasks necessary to keep the building and the enterprise running.

All Ages Gig. Photo by David Hegarty.

Camden Palace Cafe scene. Photo by David Hegarty


Most of our income is from renting studios, workshops and other spaces to individual artists or arts and cultural organisations. In line with our vision, we keep these charges low, and sometimes for a donation depending on the capacity to pay. Artists renting studios long term have the option of paying part of their rent in kind, such as helping with invigilation of exhibitions, staffing the box office etc. 

When we host free events, we place donation boxes around the building, and the public are more than generous as they know we operate without funding.

2019 financial statement

Since we lost our last building there has been little financial activity, as reflected in our financial statements below. The COVID_19 pandemic made online fundraising events impractical as we function as an in-person community.

2021 financial statement
2020 financial statement
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