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No matter what your charity investment strategy, you want to see your money having a long term impact.

Consider this. Despite charging very low and often zero for admission to activities, we manage to make a modest surplus every year. This is because of the fantastic support we receive from the people of Cork. With those modest surpluses we built and equipped a recording studio, a fully functioning canteen, a radio station, an art house cinema, a dark room for photographers, a contemporary dance studio, a theatre, opened the second largest art gallery space in Cork, and prepared 22 artist studio spaces. In addition we provided space for numerous groups to rent at very low rates to accommodate diverse workshops, once-off training programmes and activities in widely varying areas including puppetry, bodypainting, ceramics, art for mental health, choirs, multicultural dance and musicianship.

World record achieved in Camden Palace for the most bodies painted. Photo by Virginia Thomas. See

If you value what we do, we would sincerely welcome your financial support. Giving to Camden Palace is more than a donation. It is an investment in Cork's future by ensuring that community arts methods and approaches can flourish. Although our target is to raise €6 Million to buy and adapt our new centre, we mean it when we say that no donation is too small.

You can make a lodgement directly to our bank account, by PayPal, by Revolut, by Standing Order, or by contacting us to present your donation in person.

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