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Negative Space Project

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Starting in May 2023, Camden Palace will attempt to connect artists with owners of urban centre properties who are prepared to rent them at below market rates as artist studios.

We are repurposing the concept of Negative Space to emphasise the inverted logic of seeing urban properties with empty upper floors at a time when artists depend so much on finding affordable space to do their work.

Empty spaces cause an increased rate of deterioration and decline in the fabric of any building, and have a negative impact on the viability of urban centres.

Conversely, the more artists who are active in an urban centre, the more they trigger social, regenerative, financial and strategic benefits. These benefits impact on city and town centre dwellers as well as property owners, and is a strong factor in building up the urban night time economy by increasing footfall and maintaining a positive and safe environment.

For the artists, an urban centre location is hugely beneficial as it brings them closer to arts suppliers, social gathering places, and public transport. It also has the advantage of being closer to centres of artistic inspiration, including easy access to other artists in the area.

Look above the first floor of many urban centre properties and you will see under-used or vacant rooms that could be viable artist studios, waiting to be used.

If you are an artist you are invited to contact us by completing one of the forms below and emailing it to us at  

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