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Ballroom dancing to live music in Camden Palace Hotel.Photo by resident photographer David Hegarty.


The beautiful building that features in this and many other images is now demolished following its sale. During the eight years that these photos were taken we rented it at a nominal rate. This support from the owner of the property allowed us to develop our community-focused programmes that quickly built a dynamic relationship with the people of Cork. ​

The building was never a hotel in the Irish sense of the word. It derives from the French hôtel which means a building seeing frequent visitors, and providing care, rather than a place offering accommodation. 


The story of Camden Palace Hotel Community Arts Centre is in two parts: the recent history of how this relationship between artists and the public created a world class Community Arts Centre, and the immediate future in which we fundraise, develop and open our permanent city centre home.​


We believe that it is strongly in our interest as a community and a society to nurture and grow the community arts as a means of harnessing creativity for social good. A vibrant, accessible, well-managed welcoming community arts centre validates creative activity as a personal and community development process that gives people a voice, that creates a safe space for expression, that supports emerging talent in a hothouse of creativity, and that encourages individuals to explore and maximise their artistic potential.​ Throughout this website you will see many examples of what we did ourselves, and of the work of the artists and performers of every genre, with whom we were privileged to collaborate. 

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