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Welcome to our World

If we were greeting you in person we would have the kettle on by now, but since we are reaching you via a web page, pull up a seat and we will tell you about us.

But first, a story. Think of your favourite actors, writers, musicians, composers, or artists of any kind. When they were starting out, there was a time when they dreamed about their lucky break. There were probably many dark times when they felt they would never make it. 

But they did, and now you are able to enjoy their work.

-  The End  -

Except that is not how every story ends. All you need do is read the biographies of successful artists to understand the heartache of undiscovered talent, of unfulfilled dreams, of bad luck and missed opportunities. Of truly talented people who gave up on their dreams and settled for lives more ordinary. Every successful artist in history beat the odds by breaking through, but what about the talented artists who don't?

That is where we come in.

Camden Quay Community Arts Centre opened its third base in 2009 in that huge blue building across from Cork Opera House. The ambition was to support young emerging artists to avoid giving up on their dreams too soon, and to practise and develop their artistic voices while getting professional support and guidance. The pages of this web site document that journey. Now we are moving onto the next level. After fourteen years getting to where we are now, we are going to open The Arts Village, where we will do something quite special.

The Arts Village

Part Event Centre, part resource / development centre for emerging creatives, The Arts Village will treat the people of Cork to a varied programme of events that are affordably priced, ensuring a steady income for the centre, while growing an authentic audience for the emerging performers / actors / musicians / artists, who will also be able to thrive in the collective village setting where they can rely on fellow creatives across different genres for support and encouragement while they define their creative niche / identity. 

We can deliver The Arts Village in Cork city centre, a 4,000 square metre complex, for Six Million Euro, a sum which we plan to raise mostly from successful artists who do not easily forget how they struggled to become established.

Having fallen far short of our initial target of €100,000 by the end of 2023, we have stepped back from active fundraising to take time to reflect.

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